Overview of the main variations

Variations Variations

When you choose to play a game as popular as blackjack, you can be sure that there will be many choices available. All the most played games have many variations and the only thing you have to do, is to select the one that you like the best. Changing between different variations will prevent boredom.

Read the varying rules and choose your game

When you look at the rules of different blackjack variations, you are able to notice that the rules are not that different to the original version. Anyhow even all the little changes effect on the playing and should be read carefully. It would be just pure stupidity to loose only due to lack of knowledge. Make sure you read the correct rules of the variation you want to try before playing.

The rules that change can be something related to splitting, doubling down, winning insurance or surrendering. Splitting is dividing two cards into two separate hands. It can be done different amounts of times and with different cards. Doubling down can be done in some cases only for limited scores but in others even after splitting. Some variations offer winning insurance that pays back part of the bet back (normally half), if the dealer gets a blackjack. Also surrendering is offered differently in different blackjack variations. In some games you are able to surrender only in the beginning and in some even later giving that the dealer hasn’t got a blackjack.

How to choose which variation to try

Players should always think of their playing habits and preferences when choosing a game to try out. Before trying a variation, play the regular blackjack that is offered almost in every single offline and online casino. When you play for a longer time, you will figure out the strategies you use with splitting and doubling down for example. When you have spotted your strategy preferences, you can start searching for the blackjack variation that offers more possibilities referring to the specific strategy. Try different variations to find the one for you.

There are so many variations that have different history. The most commonly tried variations are Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas Downtown blackjack that are famous because they are highly liked in the ever famous Las Vegas Strip of Nevada. Other famous variations of blackjack are Spanish 21, Baden-Baden Blackjack, Reno Blackjack, Baden-Baden Blackjack, Reno Blackjack, Double Exposure and Atlantic City Blackjack. Try all of them to familiarize yourself with different rules and to select the best one for you.

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