Spanish 21

Spanish Spanish

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of blackjack, there are many variations available. Players can choose the one that they prefer. All variations have slightly different rules, although they follow the same principles. Try them all and see which one suite just for you!

Spanish 21 is one of the most tried versions. It is known for the special twists that it brings to this already exciting game.

Learn the new rules before playing

As an experienced blackjack player you might think that you can play any of the versions and win easily your share of the awards. This is usually not the case with different variations of the game. The rules are different and you might miss out on a win just because you didn’t know about a specific rule or a twist. The smart thing to do is to use couple of minutes to familiarize on the new version’s rules and be aware of the little changes done to the original version.

The major change done in Spanish 21 is that all the 10s have been removed from the decks. This effects highly to the house’s edge. This advantage might sound too heavy, but there are rules to balance this change. Players are for example able to use late surrender. When surrendering, the player gets half of the bet back with no questions asked. Surrendering is possible even after doubling the bet. This can be done only after the dealer has checked the hidden card and doesn’t have a blackjack. If the player gets the highly wanted hand of 21, the player wins automatically.

Enjoy the special bonuses of Spanish 21

Spanish 21 has some special bonuses to offer for its players that increase the amount of possible winnings. The best bonus is won when the player gets a blackjack with certain amount of cards. If you get full 21 points with six cards, you win your bet back doubled. This might sound amazing, but wait there is more! If you manage to collect blackjack with seven cards, you will win tripled bet to your casino account. Reading the rules plays an important rules even with these bonuses. If you forget to read that you are not able to win these amazing bonuses after splitting your hand or adding bets, you might be disappointed and loose interest. Be aware of all the rules and avoid these situations.

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