Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic city Atlantic city

Blackjack is one of the greatest games in casinos. For those who don’t know, it is a card game where the player is playing against the dealer. The goal is to reach a hand worth of 21 points. The hand that is closest to that score wins. If the score is even one point over 21, the owner of the hand looses automatically.

There are so many variations of Blackjack available that choosing between them has become difficult. Try for example Atlantic City Blackjack and enjoy the changed rules.

How do the rules change in Atlantic City Blackjack

The biggest rule that matters in Atlantic City Blackjack is surrendering. Atlantic City Blackjack offers late surrendering that gives you the possibility to back down if the game is looking too risky. Late surrendering can be done after the dealer has checked that he/she doesn’t have a blackjack. If the player chooses to surrender, he/she looses half of the bet. This feature lowers the house edge notably.

The splitting rules might vary from casino to casino but it is usually allowed at least once in Atlantic City Blackjack. Splitting can be done on any two pairs or two same value cards such as Jack and Queen. If Aces are split and the second card of the hand is 10, the result is not counted as blackjack but only as 21.

The winning blackjack hand pays 3:2 and if you chose to take a winning insurance, you will win 2:1.

Choose your strategy to use with this variation

There are always ready and sometimes even tested strategies to choose from for each Blackjack strategy. You can go online and use different search engines to find them and test them out in free play mode. This way you are not loosing anything and you are able to see both the Blackjack game variation and the strategy in action. When you are assured of the strategy and saw if the variation suited your needs, you can start playing with real money in the casino of your choice. Before choosing a casino or even a variation, check the odds of the game to ensure the fairness.

There are different action tables available that should be easy to follow. The player must check their own hand and the upcard of the dealer to see the next action. Whether it is hit, stay, double or split, everything is marked on the table. The most common tips that you should consider learning by heart are that you should always split Aces and never 10s. Choose your strategy and earn extra cash while enjoying Blackjack.

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