Blackjack Tournaments

With all the online casino operating on the web, there are Blackjack tournaments

almost at each moment. Like tournaments in land-based casinos, you will directly compete against the other players on multiplayer tables. Don't miss your chance to experience the world of tournament blackjack!

Example of online blackjack tournament feature real table elimination and rebuys

* January 4th entry fee $10

* January 11th entry fee $20

* January 18th entry fee $30

* January 25th entry fee $40

The first round of the tournament includes the immediate rebuys and starts at 3:00 pm EST (noon PST, 20:00 GMT). The second tournament round starts at 4:30 pm EST (21:30 GMT). We expect the tournaments to take around three hours.

100 % of the entry fee will be paid out to the five finalists as follows:

* 1st place: 45 %

* 2nd place: 25 %

* 3rd place: 15 %

* 4th place: 10 %

* 5th place: 5 %

Furthermore, the second and third place of each semi-final table receives back his entry fee in regular bonus.

How to participate in a Tournament

To participate, please registrer or log in to your account in the web casino that organize the turnament. The entry fee will be deducted from your casino account and you will receive your tournament chips. Please note that each tournament is limited to a certain number of participants. Please take a look at the exact rules.

Sit & Go Blackjack Tournaments: An exciting tournament format

The Sit & Go Blackjack Tournaments offer exciting tournament fun whenever you want and are also a good practice for other regular Blackjack Tournaments.

Example of functionment

After acknowledging the payment you will be seated at a new or already waiting Sit & Go table. You have a reservation at this table for 10 minutes. After this time you can close the table to resign from the reservation, if it should not fill up to five participants. In this case you will receive your entry fee back. As soon as the fifth player joins the table, the game starts. You receive your starting balance in non-negotiable tournament chips. There is a 30 second timeout for your moves. For more details on players only, can enjoy, then click on the link provided for everything Blackjack.