The online casino payments

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When it comes to online casinos, we are all looking for payments! However, in order to get money you must spend some money. As this may seem abstract, you must know, as a player, that you will need to use very specific payment methods in order to deposit your money as well as withdraw money! Our guide is here to let you in the secrets of financial transactions on online casinos. We will show you how to pick one when you subscribe to an online casino. Also, we will give you an extensive list of all of the options that you will have available on online casinos! You will see that using your bankcards, your e-wallets, your prepaid tickets and your bank wires will be a walk in the park on online casinos!

How to pick one?

Whenever you will want to join an online casino, the operator will ask you to pick a payment method that will allow you to deposit money as well as to withdraw all your wins! There are many options available and you will make sure to pick the right one in order to help you with smooth transactions! You must know that all these payments options are secured by the online casinos!


Bankcards are the payment methods that are the most popular amongst players. Since we all know now how to use our bankcards while shopping online, you will have absolutely no difficulty with using you bankcards on online casinos. You will need to choose between Visa and Mastercard bankcards in order to validate your transactions. You will need to provide the online casinos with your bankcards’ numbers, the expiration date as well as the secret code and the name on your card. This payment method will allow you to deposit as well as withdraw money!


E-wallets are the first payment methods that are challenging the bankcards’ method. Indeed, e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill are the best way to keep the online gambling away from your bank account. Indeed, everything happens online and does not affect your bank account. You will be able to use your e-wallet account as well as the bankcard that the operators provide in order to deposit money and withdraw money. You will need to proceed the same way as with your bankcards, in terms of the information that online casinos’ need to attach to your account on their websites. Also, e-wallets transactions are the fastest ones by far!

Prepaid tickets

Prepaid tickets are a great option for players who have a tendency to overspend. Indeed, prepaid tickets offer you a certain amount of money to spend. However, once that amount of money is gone, you will need to charge up your account with another prepaid ticket. That way, you keep your bank account safe! However, you must know that this method can only grant you deposits. Indeed, withdrawals are not permitted with this method, since everything works with a bar code on a ticket!

Bank wire

Bank wire is a method that still exists on a few online casinos. This payment method will force you to link your own bank account to your player’s account. You will need to provide the online casino with your bank information, and you will need to provide your bank with the online casino’s information. This method is known to be slightly dangerous, especially for players with no self-control on online casinos. It is also slowest payment method to make deposits as well as withdrawals!