Las Vegas Strip blackjack

Lasvegas strip Lasvegas strip

Try out this blackjack version hugely popular in Las Vegas. The name of the variation comes clearly from one of the best places to gamble. Take it from the experts and try this well-known variation. Who knows, maybe this variation will be the one you prefer from all the available blackjack variations out there.

Learning the rules is essential even with just different variations

If you have played casino games at all, you must have tried blackjack. Especially those who are very familiar with the game might think that they do not need the rules to learn to play a new version. This is true if you are trying free demo games, but it is recommended to read the rules before playing with real money. This is because there might be some aspects of the game that you didn’t have a chance to try on the free game mode. When playing with real money, it is better to know all the rules to avoid the disappointment when loosing only because of a different rule in the certain variation.

Avoid the shame especially on a real casino and take few minutes to read the rules. Reading is never the first plan when starting to play casino games but it is essential for receiving the fully pleasant experience.

Rules of Las Vegas Strip blackjack

All the blackjack games are played with different amount of decks; this one has 4. While you are still able to split three times during a round, when you get aces you can split only once. The thing with aces is also that even if you get a ten after splitting, the result is not blackjack but only 21. Therefore the dealer will win if gaining a blackjack. Like with the original blackjack, the dealer must stand on 17 which gives the player a chance to win even only with 18 score.

The player is allowed to buy insurance if the visible card of the dealer is ace. If the insurance is bought and the player decides to split, the insurance will be lost. If the player splits aces he o she is able to double down before receiving the other card. Aces are the only cards the player is able to double down on after splitting.

Go online and search for this marvelous variation of blackjack. It is played almost in all the casinos, online and off, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Read all the rules before playing and avoid lowering your chances to win.

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