Reno Blackjack

Reno Reno

Blackjack has been known as a standard game in all the casinos for years. A casino without a Blackjack table is like a computer without the keyboard. Like all the popular games in the casino market, also Blackjack has many different variations that cheer up the game in a totally new way.

Try your luck in different variation and find the best one for you. If you want to experience great odds, choose Reno Blackjack.

Always check the odds of the game

It is commonly known that every changed rule of basic Blackjack, change the odds of the player and the edge of the house. It is essential to always read the rules of the game before playing and really check the odds. The odds can vary dramatically and especially as a new player, you might want to choose the low odds games.

In Blackjack the amount of decks effects highly on the odds of the game. Reno Blackjack in an amazing choice, since it is played only with one deck. That is pretty much the highest you can get with the odds affected by the amount of decks.

Read the rules of the game before playing

It might sound boring to always read the rules of the different variations, especially when you want to try all of them, but it is the way to go if the player’s goal is to win. Only by knowing all the twists and little changes of the game rules, you can play effectively. In this Blackjack variation you can split only ones, so the maximum hand amount is two. You are not able to surrender at any point of the game; not in the beginning and not after the dealer’s cards are revealed as in some versions. Depending on the casino you are able to double down only with the score of 10 or 11, or nine through eleven. The less you are able to double down on, the bigger the house edge. But this is restricted only to even grounds because of the single deck advantage for the player.

Reno Blackjack is played, because of the great odds it offers and the similarity to the original version. Read the total list of rules on your casino before playing to be able to choose your strategy.

There are way more blackjack variations than you can think of available online: