Baden-Baden Blackjack

Baden baden Baden baden

Baden-Baden Blackjack is just on of the many variations of the game available both offline and online. The game might seem a little restricted since a lot of the rules are made limited. Anyhow there is one rule that adds something special to the game. Something that you can try to achieve and win the whole game without even getting the highest hand. Read about the rules of Baden-Baden Blackjack and be amazed.

The clear rules of Baden-Baden Blackjack

The rules of different blackjack variations are all different. Some just slightly but others a little bit more. This variation got its name after the casino in Germany; Baden-Baden. In this variation the dealer will always stand on 17 as in the original blackjack. Doubling down is possible only with scores of 9, 10 or 11, and you are able to double down even after splitting. Splitting can be done only for pairs. If you have Jack and Queen, which are both valued 10 it is still not a pair. In this blackjack version, surrendering is not allowed. The Baden-Baden Blackjack has the same rule than the European Blackjack: No hole card rule. This rule states that the full bet including splits and doubles is lost when dealer has a blackjack.

The feature that sets this variation apart is an extra way to win. It is called Six card Charlie. This feature allows an unbusted player with a hand of six to win automatically. This is an extra way of winning.

How to play this variation?

There is countless number of different strategies available. Since there are so many variations that are still very popular, you are able to find strategies for them too. Most of the blackjack strategies are action tables that show you what to do after each score. In Baden-Baden Blackjack there are different tables showing you when to hit, double, stand or split. Splitting is showed separately. You can easily read which pairs should be split and which ones not. The only thing that you need to do is to read the table carefully and follow the directions.

All the strategic moves are based on the player’s hand and the dealer’s upcard. It is recommended to try all the strategies first in free play to check the validity of the strategy and to see if you as a player enjoy the game using it. Then you can move to real money online-blackjack and finally, when you have learned the table by heart, move to a real casino to try your luck.

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