Las Vegas Downtown

Las vegas downtown Las vegas downtown

If you want to experience the joy of playing some casino games that are available for the players coming to Las Vegas in search of a full gaming experience, you can always go online and look for the same games. Online gaming has become so popular that even the games are starting to have all the qualities that the real casino games have. Enjoy the real casino atmosphere from home.

Play blackjack in Las Vegas style

Since blackjack is one of the preferred casino games there are countless number of variations available. The ones preferred are usually the ones you are able to play in the most known casino capitals in the world such as Las Vegas. This blackjack version is even name after the place. Las Vegas Downtown is popular in Las Vegas and therefore in also in online casinos. The rules of different variations always vary a bit. That is why it is essential to read the rules before playing to truly understand the little differences between the original and a variation. Not reading the rules might lead to misunderstandings and therefore to disappointments. Know what you are playing and what kind of hand you are wishing for to maximize your changes for winning.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack has little rule changes

The amount of decks this game can be played with varies. The fewer the decks the better odds player has, so keep an eye on those ones. This variation is sometimes played only with two decks, which makes this blackjack game one with the most payouts. As in the original blackjack, the dealer stands with the score of 17 or over. If you like the doubling feature of blackjack, you are going to enjoy this variation. The player is able to double down on any two cards and even after splitting. Splitting can be done on any pairs and also on any tens including Jack, Queen and King. You are able to split your cards three times with the maximum of four hands.

The only thing that is different online and offline casinos is the shuffling of cards. Online the cards are shuffled after each round but in a real casino after 2/3 of the deck has been used. The winnings in this game are good. Blackjack means a winning of 3:2 of the bet and if you are playing with winning insurance 2:1. The House Edge of the Vegas Downtown game is 0.39%.

Here are all the blackjack’s variations that will make you rich and keep you entertained: